one-on-one coaching
or workshop for your team

elevate your presentation and take your public speaking skills to the next level

John has a way of connecting people and brands to deliver messaging that resonates with a vast audience.”
-Hedy Popson, CEO, Productions Plus-The Talent Shop

“John is not only an amazing talent but also an outstanding teacher! His Experience as a performer is what makes him equally as impressive as a coach.”
-Sherhara Downing,
Chief Visionary Officer + Co-Founder At Speakhaus

WE will see results
after the very first session

Preparation + energy = Success

Every single time.  You can rehearse and memorize, but if you deliver without energy, you will lose your audience.  You can have boundless energy, but without preparation and great content, you won’t be successful.  But what happens when you’re well-prepared with great content, and you present with enthusiastic energy and a smile?  Great things happen.  100% of the time. 

Get your free 30 minute consultation

Each client starts with a free, 30-minute consultation to discuss goals, determine your skill set, and then customize our session to your specific needs.  We can also work to develop powerful content that will engage your audience, or hone your existing content for an upcoming presentation.  No matter your subject, audience, or venue, I will teach you the skills needed to move to the next level. 


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